• Santa Cruz, California

  • Brand Strategy & Identity, Packaging,
    Storefront Design

  • Fast Casual Restaurant

Various booklets showcasing elements of a brand presentation for an all-day breakfast restaurant

  • Yolked came to us looking to develop a full brand identity for a new restaurant concept in Santa Cruz, California - an all-day breakfast cafe centered around eggs & matcha.

    We started out working through naming, landing on Yolked - casual, catchy, approachable, and descriptive, which lend to the brand’s personality.

Moodboard for an all-day breakfast restaurant featuring light green and breakfast items
  • We pulled inspiration from their foods for their color palette, keeping things muted to avoid any kitchyness, and beautiful clean sans-serifs for their type - keeping with the casual vibes.

    Their logo is textured and handwritten with a runny yolk as the “o” making it easy to identify on the busy streets of Santa Cruz. 

Poster showing advertising for an all-day breakfast restaurant and a blurry person walking in the foreground
  • We hand drew textured illustrations, helping to build out the brand, with two yolks in the center of their iconic egg representing the two owners of this new venture.

Black and white graphic of a strawberry, orange, brioche buns, and iced drink
Closeup of soft green, to-go food box
  • For packaging, especially the coffee cups, we wanted to design something that would instantly catch your eye - imagine someone walking down the street with a matcha green colored cup having others ask them where they got it from.

Soft green coffee cup with soft green cup sleeve showing customer name
Front and back of a black and white t-shirt
Graphic showing the layout and design for a restaurant
Mood board depicting the interior of a restaurant that serves all-day breakfast


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