You’ve spent so much time building your Shopify site, and now you want to remove the pesky “Powered by Shopify” link in your website footer. You want it gone ASAP!

I’m breaking down how to access the code in Shopify to remove the "powered by Shopify" link from your website so it’ll be gone for good! Don't feel intimidated working with the code! It's going to be easy, quick and won't take you more than 10 minutes, I promise! Let's get started.

Video - How to remove "Powered by Shopify" from your site

If reading through steps just isn’t your thing, you can watch the video below. I’ll walk you through a screen share of the entire thing!

Step by Step - Written Instructions

Step #1

First, login to your Shopify account.

This is the direct link to Shopify's login page:

Step #2

Second, click “Online Store”. This will automatically take you to the “Themes” section.

Step #3

Then, click the “Actions” drop down and then “Edit code”.

Step #4

Next, on the left panel, click “Sections” and then “footer.liquid”

Step #5

Now, click “Command” or “CTRL” and “F” to search the file and type in “Powered”.

This will take you to the specific line of code that contains the text we want to remove.

Step #6

Delete the line of code that says “{{powered_by_link}}”.

Make sure you ONLY delete that part of the code.

Step #7

Finally, click “Save”.

Congratulations, you did it! Nothing else to do here, you've officially edited your website's code!

You can now view your new footer live on your website without the “Powered by Shopify” link at the bottom!

If this helped you to remove that line of code, comment and let me know below. Don’t forget to like the video above and subscribe for future videos!