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  • Brand Strategy & Identity, Packaging, Photography,
    Web Design & Development

  • Wax Seals & Stamps

Couple in a library aisle and couple running hand in hand down an empty road

  • Simply Noteworthy is a wax seal & stamp company that came to Studio Fulchi looking to develop a cohesive brand and Shopify website after originally working on it themselves and not falling in love with the results.

    After an in-depth conversation we discovered the initial pull for starting the company - a deep love and desire to create in the written form. A feeling of intention and kindness looking to be passed on to others.

Woman with hair in a bun, in an elegant white dress with hands to her side
  • We worked on developing a cohesive brand strategy, carving out a niche based on bringing thoughtful intention and romantic moments into everyday life. With beautiful typography, stunning italics, a soft yet moody color palette, and grainy, romantic photos, we created a visual representation of that magical rise in your chest feeling that we all crave, the one we experience when we’re in love.

Handwritten letter shown from the front and the back
Open packaging box with a background showing a dirt road among a field
  • Adding in delicate illustrations, beautiful typewriter typography, and design nods to vintage letters, we rounded out their brand identity into something so visually tangible and identifiable as Simply Noteworthy.

Closeup of the front and back of a packaging insert designed on moody, green background
Couple in the background cuddling on a bed, with RSVPs in the foreground
  • For photography we wanted to do so much more than to simply photograph the products in a flatlay filled with stationery. We strived to bring it to life in romantic, story-driven scenes. 

    Their delicate flower illustration is brought to life with a portion of their shoot taking place in a grand flower field and the moody, candlelit softness of writing letters brought to life in a cozy home environment.

Woman sitting in a large, elegant wedding dress while reading a letter
Couple embracing while woman holds a hand-written letter by her side
Woman melting wax with a wax spoon over an open flame
Back of bride with hands behind her back, holding letters that are tied with ribbon
Man holding woman's hand in a vast pink flower field under the sun
Closeup of woman sitting in a pink flower field and holding a letter
Closeup of a couple holding hands in a pink flower field and holding stationery
Wax-sealed letter laying on a bed of pink flowers
  • The thoughtful storytelling was then brought into their Shopify website through the use of videography, delicate linework, soft animations, and textured backgrounds - all used intentionally to allow their new imagery to remain the focal point.



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