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Atlanta, Georgia

Brand Strategy & Identity, Packaging, Photography,
Web Design & Development

Kitchen & Lifestyle Brand

Mood board for a 60s inspired brand incorporating pops of green and yellow


Studio Fulchi worked with Textile & Twine to develop a new brand identity to fit a more elevated aesthetic without losing the retro appeal.

We wanted it to feel current, and attractive to the modern-day woman while keeping the nostalgia that they’ve become known for. We designed with a neutral base for their color palette, adding darker pops of color to allow their bold, vibrant fabrics to shine through.

Two magazines showcasing the home and kitchen and showing colorful oven mitts

We designed multiple marks for their brand, with an emphasis on a custom ampersand designed just for them - merging 60s inspired design with personal touches like the eye of a needle and the incorporation of a bow (a signature element on their handmade aprons).

Closeup of graphic describing Textile & Twine's logo

We carried the nostalgic feeling on through into their photoshoot. Styling a mom and daughter in the kitchen; baking, making memories, enjoying the moment - keeping it modern with the kitchen design, model styling, and prop usage. 

Woman laughing and carrying young girl to sit her on kitchen counter
A woman and child baking together on the kitchen counter while wearing colorful retro aprons
Two women in retro aprons setting a fruit tart on a kitchen table and pouring white wine into wine glass

For their website, we designed & developed a custom Shopify website, adding in playful animations and organic shapes while allowing the imagery and products to take center stage. 

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