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    Photography, and Web Design & Development

  • Vegan Cosmetics Brand

Graphic of various pages from a brand presentation for a beauty company

  • Feral came to us looking to increase their website conversions. They knew they had a stellar product that performed well on social media, but once visitors hit their site, they dropped off and didn’t make a purchase. We talked through their struggles in detail and determined we needed to hone in their brand, define their positioning and voice, and bring all that strategy to life with new design in the form of a rebrand, upleveled packaging, bold photography, and a website that tied it all together. 

Graphic of black and white packaging inserts for a makeup company
Transparent shopping bag with a black, Feral branded box inside
Closeup of five liquid eye shadow containers, all laying down next to each other
Closeup of five, open lipsticks of different heights
  • We identified the root of the problem - they lost a connection with their audience when they hit the site, so we focused on how to rebuild that. What makes their audience feel deeply, so deeply they feel compelled to buy? The answer - self identity. We centered their brand around the ability to “create yourself”. Everyday you have the ability to choose who you are and create who you want to be. It’s a bold, determined feeling that hits straight to the gut - full control over your life and who you want to be. We brought that to life through design with bold black and white contrast, strong sans-serif fonts, pops of red, clever & strategic packaging that reinforces this philosophy, and a modern sleek site that evokes that precise feeling. 

Closeup of five liquid eye shadow containers, next to their box packaging
Closeup of black packaging for Feral Cosmetics
Artistic photo of red lip gloss container with shadows in background
Black and white cat laying down net to a black, liquid eye shadow container


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