• Vancouver, Washington

  • Brand Strategy & Identity, Packaging, Photography Direction
    Web Design & Development Coming Soon

  • Jewelry for Piercers

Moodboard collage featuring soft purple and orange colors

  • Vira creates solid gold rings offered at wholesale, for their fellow piercers - with the desire to make beautiful pieces that last longer than we do.

    They came to us looking to develop a brand identity that would be instantly known in their industry. Bringing in their values of quality, consistency, and a “fucking fast” mentality, we developed a minimal, yet vibrant visual identity inspired by their simple, high-quality approach to jewelry.

Artistic, blurry photo of a woman sitting down with the Vira logo in the foreground
Graphic of tag lines for Vira
White tote bag hanging with Vira's logo
Illustrations of orange hands with taglines for Vira
Roll of white tape with tagline for Vira
  • For packaging, we narrowed it down to two materials that wouldn’t scratch or mark up the rings, and would also allow piercers to reuse the main bag. The bag is then paired with a branded invoice and tucked in a recyclable mailer or box with branded tape, depending on the size of the order.

Brown paper packaging bag with Vira's logo
Collage of orange envelope, and business card and stationery for Vira
Collage of ten prints, four showing women with vibrant makeup and jewelry, and six with orange print
White envelope with orange accents, and a string to close the envelope
  • We also worked with Vira on social strategy, developing names for upcoming drops (diverse, but still on brand, allowing for flexibility on timing & theme) as well as ideas for keeping their audience engaged like monthly studio playlists.

Front and back of cassette tape design with blue, purple, and green gradient design
  • Vira was processing orders manually, so a custom Shopify website was an absolute must in finishing out this project - one that we are actively designing and developing.


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